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Wonder What This Is?

Hmmm….. now that you see it, surprise! It’s Tunisian crochet. Yep! I’ll bet you’re surprised. :-)

And, it’s displayed on the cool, rustic barn board shutters in my front room. The barn board shutters are a big highlight of my house when people come to visit. That, and the cool hay door that’s my attic door.

People love the open rafters and all the old barn wood my grandmother put in here back when this was her country diner. It’s very cool.

ETA: The design is a prototype design I did back in January. I remember that I wasn’t completely happy with the ruffling at the bottom. The increases were too full. So, I stuffed it in a bag for later. Then, I promptly received a book commission and forgot all about it until I found it today and pulled it out of the bag and threw it on the shutter and photographed it. Maybe it will be inspiration for me to give it another go.


Tunisian Cables & Lace

Several months’ ago, I was offered the opportunity to participate in the new Annie’s Online Classes. I was thrilled to be considered and even more thrilled to be accepted as one of the Annie’s instructors.

One of my classes is the Learn to Tunisian Crochet class. I’ll be blogging about it later this week. But, considering that I’ve been recently blogging about my new Tunisian Cables to Crochet, I wanted to let you know about my Tunisian Cables & Lace class straight away. If you would like a little more hands on assistance to learn to do Tunisian Cables in my book, then this is definitely the class for you.

Above is my wrap design for Laced Cables. Once I started working on this stitch pattern, I loved it so much that I had a difficult time deciding on just one project. So, I’ve basically made it everything. I’ve written the pattern so that you can make a scarf, wrap, shawl, baby blanket or throw. Any or all. Everything available in the class materials. The gorgeous wrap is made with Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted.

Also included in this class are two lace projects. And, because it’s a class, you can take it easy with a step-by-step process. First, you learn to work with lace with a quick scarf, also in Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted.

Then, you move right up to the gorgeous lace shawlette in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace. This is a really unique shawl shape. I blogged about my fascination with different shawl shapes recently. Although it’s a triangle, it’s not a squared-off triangle. It’s a l-ooong triangle. A new and trendy shape which can be worn in several different ways.

This class is jam-packed with information and the projects are fun and easy to learn when I’m right there with you the entire time. I especially like that anyone wanting that little bit of extra help with cabling will be able to get this wonderful online assistance in an online class, 24/7. Anytime. Anywhere. And, once again, the internet just blows my mind. Just 10 years ago, none of this could have been possible. We truly live in a wonderful, exciting time.

Please visit Annie’s Online Classes to sign up for email notification of class availability. Classes are expected to go live on September 1.


Sneak Peek: New Design

Here’s a little sneak peek of my newest design. It’s not the best of photos, especially with the light not showing the true color. But, for a sneak peek….

After completing and hanging it up, I noticed that the lace edging looks like a paper doll chain. So cute! :-)

For this design, I used a little less than two hanks of Knit Picks Gloss Lace (less than 880 yards). It’s actually more aqua than country blue. It will show better in photos which I will take in a couple of days. Stay tuned. I’ll post more about it as soon as I have the photos ready.


Designing Shawls

I’m not huge on wearing shawls. But, having a shawl can come in handy during the winter, when it’s just a tad cool in the house, propane bills being what they are. I’ve found that I prefer some shawl shapes over others.

For instance, one of the most popular shawl shapes is the plain rectangle. I’m not too keen on designing the plain rectangle shawl. Seems almost like cheating. So, I’ve been considering different embellishments for them to make them more interesting. Perhaps beads. Or, oh! Beaded tassels! Yummy!

But, I have discovered that I prefer to design and wear shawls made of different, more unusual shapes. I love this shape. It starts off like a triangle shawl, but ends before you get to the point.

I used this shape in the Rolled Collar Wrap from Learn to Do Tunisian Lace Stitches. When I wear it, I wear it more around my neck, more like a scarf. The long edge closest to my neck. And, just let it hang down in the front. I love the look of how it has points at the bottom when worn that way. More visual interest.

And, by the way, if you’ve been holding out on getting this book, you better not wait much longer. Although it’s still available at some vendors, it’s been discontinued. Hurry! (Link’s on the right.)

The next shawl shape I’ve enjoyed is more of an “L” shape. I first discovered this shape when ponchos were so popular, about a decade ago. You would actually seam another of the sides in order to have a poncho. But, I discovered that I rather liked the shape for a shawl and I especially love how it hangs in the front and how it stays on the shoulders! Staying power is most desirable for me.

I used this shawl shape when designing the Christmas Country Wrap for Caron International Yarns.

It’s got a really unique stitch pattern that I just love. And, even though it seems really detailed, I found it to be very easy and quick-to-stitch.

Another really nice design that I love to wear is the ruana. This ruana, especially, has wonderful shoulder staying power. I used a slightly different approach than I’ve done with other ruanas and I really love the shape of it. The design is made from Plymouth Alpaca Grande. Really gorgeous yarn. So soft. So amazing. You almost don’t want to put it down.

This design will soon be available in Tunisian Cables to Crochet, a new book from Annie’s. You can sign up to be notified of its availability. I expect it to be in the warehouse in August.

This one, which I did last year, has a really unique edging. Not really handkerchief edging. But something similar.

Mariposa, a Tunisian lace design, is available at Kimane Designs.

I will continue to explore and experiment with different shawl shapes. I find it fascinating to come up with new and unique shapes. It’s in my nature to be adventuresome in my designing. :-)


Spring Into Crochet Lace

All your holiday crocheting is finished. And, it won’t be long before Spring arrives. Now is the time to start planning some beautiful Spring lace.

Clarice is one of my most popular designs. It is worked in a mercerized 5/2 perle cotton which is available on cones for a very reasonable price. I was able to find an incredible variety of colors at Webs.

Clarice is a top-down design, all worked in one piece as more of a modular design. Lovely lacework and a cute little button closure at the top make this top an adorable addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Marilyn is also a top-down style. It begins with a round yoke, shaping at the bust, then a gorgeous diamond lace repeat. Unfortunately, the gorgeous rayon I used is no longer available. But, the beautiful 5/2 mercerized cotton from Webs can be easily substituted.

If you have any special occasions planned for Spring, a shawl is a lovely and versatile accessory. And, Dreams does not disappoint!

And, if you want something truly unique, try the beautiful Mariposa with its gorgeous butterfly shaping.

Add some Spring crochet to your WIPs so that you’re ready when it finally arrives!


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