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Annie’s Online Classes: Tunisian Cables & Lace

So what happens when you want to develop an extraordinary class and you want to teach two different, extraordinary techniques? You get a class on Tunisian crochet for Cables AND Lace!

Annie’s Online Classes. This is an ongoing class, meaning that you can sign up anytime. There are no set dates. You can learn a new technique and start one of the projects in the class. Then, you can wait several months before starting the next. You have access to your class materials and videos forever.

Unlike my other classes, my Annie’s classes feature many different techniques and projects. You’ll be receiving an e-book with gorgeous patterns. Patterns I’ve designed exclusively for this class. These projects are truly one-of-a-kind. And, they’re designed to allow you to progress with your Tunisian crochet skills with a big splash. You can learn cabling and you can learn lace in an unprecedented combination class at Annie’s!

The first project is the Tri-Lace Scarf, made in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted . This scarf will have you making lace in almost no time at all. You get to take the mystery out of lace with an easily-memorized two-row stitch pattern in a heavier weight to ensure accuracy of your stitching.

Then, together, we’ll jump right into this uniquely-shaped wrap made in a beautiful Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace.

And, the finale. I wouldn’t really be teaching you unless I included a bit of a challenge, right? And, this project does not disappoint. The class includes three different methods in making the cable and encourages you to find the method that suits you best. The Laced Cables Wrap is made in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted in one of the season’s hottest colors. Definitely one of my favorite projects and I loved the stitch pattern I designed exclusively for the class so much that the e-book includes instructions on turning it into just about any project you desire. I’ve included instructions for making a scarf, wrap, shawl, baby blanket or throw. Your choice!

The cabling technique for this class is different than I’ve shown in any of my previous patterns. It takes Tunisian cables off the surface of the fabric and lifts them up, for fabulous texture. Once you’ve learned the cabling method, be sure to check out my new book from Annie’s, Tunisian Cables to Crochet, which also features this unique method.

You can sign up for this class, which is really like three classes in one, by clicking over to Annie’s Online Classes. If you are new to Tunisian crochet, you will be more comfortable taking the Learn to Tunisian Crochet class first.

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