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Day 24: A Tour Through Crochet Country


Note: This is really Day 25, but I posted early and got my days mixed up. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain! ;-)

If you’ve been following “A Tour Through Crochet Country”, welcome to Day 24! If not, jump over to this link here and you’ll see all the links to all the wonderful posts in celebration of crochet during National Crochet Month. This event was organized by Amy and Donna of Crochetville and it’s been such a success. Next year’s event is already being planned.

All blog participants are Associate or Professional members of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). I am a member of the CGOA and I have been for a very long time. There are a lot of fun benefits to being a member of the guild, but I have to admit that I am a member mostly because I like the idea of there being a guild for my favorite activity. I like the idea of a guild devoted to the furtherance of crochet. I like that there are so many members who, like me, love all things crochet and there are opportunities to meet so many people of like minds, altogether in one place. And, just recently, I’ve been helping even more by becoming the editor of the member-only newsletter, Chain Link. CGOA means a lot to me and has done so much for so many. I wanted to give something back.

As a group, the participating designers selected a very special charity to support this month: Project Night Night, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides over 25,000 Night Night Packages each year to homeless children. Each package consists of a new sturdy tote bag with a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal. These comfort objects help to reduce the trauma of homelessness for the children served by Project Night Night. Both the handmade blankets and stuffed animals provide the children with objects of love and security. Please click here to find out how you can help.

Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf

In honor of this event, I am introducing a new project video. The project is a free pattern, originally seen in the third season of Knit and Crochet Now!, a PBS television program owned by Annie’s. The free pattern for the Tunisian Crochet Mock Cable Scarf is available on the website here. And, here is my own video to accompany this project. This scarf is made in two colors of Berroco Vintage Chunky, a wonderful yarn and I love all weights of Berroco Vintage. If you follow me on Facebook, you may already know about my love of this yarn.

This is a unique Tunisian crochet project. Because it is made in narrow Tunisian join-as-you-go strips, you won’t need a long Tunisian hook (afghan hook). You can use a standard hook throughout. This is your chance to learn to do Tunisian crochet with a fun project. Then once you are “hooked”, you’ll certainly want a copy of my latest book, Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide.

And, here’s your chance for a signed copy of the book!

To be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of my book, please browse my Portfolio on Ravelry and post a comment below about the design you would like to try. That’s it. That’s the only rule. Just a comment about your favorite design.

On April 5, a name will be randomly drawn and I will email that person (so it would really be helpful if you included your email address). And, should your name be drawn, please do not take offense to my requesting your mailing address. If you don’t want to give me your address, please don’t enter, k?

ETA: Although I appreciate the lovely comments made on the Ravelry pattern database pages, in order to be entered into the drawing, please comment below. This is where the random generator will take the numbers for the drawing.

ETA2: Thank you to everyone participating! A name has been chosen by the random generator. Regina, I will send you an email for further information. Congratulations!

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

104 thoughts on “Day 24: A Tour Through Crochet Country

  1. What a wonderful post and thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity ! I really want to learn Tunisian crochet and would love to try the Limerick Wrap. Thanks so much and my Raverly ID is TinaSanders

  2. Already have your new book but good luck to the entrants!! Love your patterns, Kim, and would be hard pressed to named just one!

  3. I would like to try the Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf. Thank you for such a great blog!

  4. Thanks for the great link and video. I, too, want to learn Tunisian Crochet. I hope to try to learn soon, but can always use lots of help.

  5. Definitely getting this book–sounds fascinating and your cable book has totally changed my thoughts on recreating knitted cables in crochet! Pattern I’d choose? Probably incorporating cables from the “Limerick Wrap” in a men’s pullover.

  6. I would like to try Mariposa. That is a beautiful pattern. I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Oh where to begin?! For starters, I guess I would go with the Sampler afghan for my youngest son.s wedding present . The color block cardi for my granddaughter, a hooded riding cape for my other GD, and a few other things (shawls, scarves, ets) just for me. Ok, I would share with certain friends and family: )

  8. So hard to decide on just 1!!!!! I guess I could start with hour hoodie vest from your Ultimate Beginners book or the cabled mitts from same!!!

  9. Thank you so much for a great vid and a lovely giveaway.
    I would love to try making the San Marino Scarf. I’ve always loved the look of Tunisan crochet and think its about time I gave it ago. :)
    Thanks again.

  10. My goodness, girl, you are so talented! I have been debating about what project to start next and, after watching your video on the Mock Cable Stitch, I now know which direction I will be heading next. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us. :)

  11. H Kim I used the spiraling miters to make 12″ squares for Heartmade Blessings. I hope we have a Hooks in Texas meet this year and you will teach us some more tunisian stitches.

  12. I would love to try either the Laced Cable or the Limerick Wrap!

  13. Trying my luck… Love your Van Gogh Waves.

  14. I saw your Kansas City Cowl on Ravelry and really like it.

  15. After over 30 years of crocheting, I’m finally tempted to try tunisian crochet–thanks a lot, Kim–just one more thing to get into! Really though, I am going to try.

  16. It is nearly impossible to pick just one, and although Tunisian crochet is a goal I’ve set for myself to learn this year, I would be inclined to crochet your Simple Tunic first. I’ve only crocheted one garment in all my many years of crafting; I think its about time.

  17. I would like to try the seed stitch ruana but it is probably a little ambitious for me. All the designs are wonderful! I’ve done basic tunisian crochet and I find it very soothing and relaxing.

  18. I’d like to try the Sapphire Wrap, It seems very, very clever!

  19. Christmas Granny Square Blanket Throw I looooooooooovve Granny Squares.

    Ravelry ID CraftyCatPatterns
    Email rainbowwheels@hotmail.com

  20. Your book is on my wish list. It looks intriguing. I can see an afghan of the many stitches.

  21. I’d love to make the Rosaline Tunic. You book is on my wish list!

  22. Well myself being a mother of a lovely daughter aged 4 any project that I can make for my daughter is always been my first priority….and would like to make the little girls beret and writers for her. I usually make items for my kid only as only less yarn is required for those projects…. as it quite hard to find the particular yarn the pattern calls for where I live….But I do experiment with what I have….and my daughter loves anything I make for her and her happiness is what inspires me the most…..

  23. Darling new avatar, Kim!

  24. I would love to try the hooded riding cape…it looks like it would be very warm & stylish. Email is thefyrebird@gmail.com

  25. Our Project Linus Chapter has been gifted with quite a bit of sport yarn. I’m finding Tunisian Crochet perfect for putting this yarn to good use. If I’m not fortunate enough to win this book, one will be in my Amazon shopping cart very quickly!

  26. So difficult to pick one project. Love Kim’s designs but I’m going to try the Summer Mist Throw .

  27. Rosaline Tunic is one of your patterns I would like to try soon. Love all your patterns. Thanks for doing this. Debi

  28. I favorited your page on Ravelry, some great stuff there!

    Thank you for all you do in spreading the Tunisian fun, and luring new people into trying it, lol.

  29. I love the Hooded Riding Cape

  30. Happy Crochet month!!!Lovely giveaway!Love your designs but my fav is Tri-Lace Shawlette,thank you for the chance to win.

  31. Lots of pretty patterns. Since I need to pick just one I’m choosing the Raspberry Stripes Pillow. Although the Silver Bells tree skirt looks fantastic, just working with thread for such a project would be hard on my hands.

    I used to do Tunisian crochet although at that time it was called the afghan stitch and I never learned any stitches past the basic ones. I need to get a new Tunisian hook as I haven’t seen the one I used to have for a couple of decades.

  32. I’d like to try the Rosaline Tunic. You have so many lovely patterns!

  33. what a great idea! Love the Limerick Wrap and I’d love to learn how to make it from your book!

  34. Thank you so much for the post & the video! Your designs are just beautiful! I’m wanting to learn Tunisian Crochet. It’s so hard to pick just one project! I love the Hooded Riding Cape, Valencia Wrap, Felted Duffel Bag and all of them!! I would love to make the Limerick Wrap. Thanks for the opportunity to win a signed copy of your book!

    • Your name was chosen by the Random Generator! Congratulations! Please look for my email for further information. :-)

  35. I really like your Limerick Wrap as well, but since I have to be different I will go with your Lacy Little Cardigan! It’s so pretty and I bet it’ll be perfect for the spring and summer months coming up! :)

  36. Yay new pattern!

    My current favorite is Sapphire Wrap… but it’s so hard to choose!

  37. Tough choices…I think I will say Verona Ruana, though I could be just because I love the color. :)

  38. That “Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf” intrigues me…..I still have a lot to learn w/ tunisian…….

  39. I’ve been learning Tunisian over the last year and I find your books and posts are some of the best resources available! I’d like to try the Moonlit Fields afghan – it looks like an interesting stitch to do, and the texture is so pretty.

  40. I would like to try any of the Tunisian lace stitches in your ‘Stitch Guide’.

  41. I would love to make the color block cardigan. It is just perfect for my facorite charity.

  42. Oh Kim, that is just sooo unfair .. to pick one design from all your fabulous creations, but I love the love of the tunisian mock cable scarf.

  43. I really need to learn to proofread my msg before I hit send!! that should be I love the look of the tunisian mock cable scarf, but I also see the love you put into designing it too .. love the love

  44. I would love to make the Van Gogh Waves throw. Why? I think its just beautiful. I have made several scarfs from your patterns for gifts, I got RAV reviews.

  45. Love Your Patterns!

  46. I would like to try the Short Row scarf with the Pineapple lace edging. I am currently working on the Peek-a-boo throw and will be ready for something more challenging soon.
    I wish you all the best as tne New Editor of Chain Link and look forward to seeing more from Crochet Kim!

  47. Either, Geneva or San Marino scarves…I bought your book Learn Tunisian Lace and that’s where my fascination with Tunisian crochet began. I made a baby TC blanket for a friend of mine. I’m Crafty Auntie E on Ravelry….

  48. I love Tunisian crochet. Your Van Gogh Waves is very beauiful.
    gojenn on Ravelry

  49. You have great designs, I would like to learn how to make Stockinette Hat Ribbed Version, as it is a bit cold out still and i have been looking for a warm hat to make for the guys in my family. I also like the Rosaline tunic, it looks like fun to make. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading your Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide and making things in the future.

  50. I have always admired your designs, however, coincidentally I came upon the tunisian scarf the other day and had some ideas using sparkly yarns, etc. Keep on hooking!
    Julie C.

  51. I want to make the Hooded Riding Cape! I love it!

  52. What a difficult task to choose one design! When we’re a fan of your designs anyway, how in the world do we choose one! There are just too many – so I’ll throw in my hat for several, and then look for your next video and stitch along with whatever design is chosen. So, the ones that I’d like to start are the Two-Tone Vest, Chain Sleeve Tank, Empire Swing Jacket, Sapphire Wrap, the Paper Dolls Shawlette and the Simple Tunic! And I need to make the Swish Vest for my oldest son, and the Spring Pullover for my younger son. You’re so talented, Kim! We all love your designs!

  53. Thank you so much for hosting this contest. The design I would most like to try is Verona Ruana. It looks so soft and cushy!

  54. The sapphire wrap is so cute, though I think I will do the tunisian mock cable scarf soon. I just need to find the perfect yarn for it. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  55. It’s a toss up between the Puff Sleeved Cardigan and the Geo scarf, the cardi is a shape that is very flattering, and the scarf looks like a good travel project. And thanks for the excellent demonstration videos you produce

  56. Thanks for the giveaway, I learned to tunisian along time ago, but haven’t been doing it, just started back up again. I like the hoody vest on ravelry, for a first project in making clothes…thanks again.

  57. Kim. Kim.Kim.Kim.KIM! The list would be shorter to name the few I would like to NOT try! LOL!
    The Dreams Shawl pattern is one of many that stand out for me… although it’s not tunisian…so if you want a choice in tunisian- then the Hooded Riding Cape is my choice. Happy NATCROMO – thank you for the contest and for a fun blog entry!

  58. Kim!!!! The Spiraling Miters – this definitely spurred my attention. I love Tunisian, but have never done anything mitered. So putting the two together would definitely be a great thing to learn! My next choice would be the hoodie vest…gotta start sometime at my hand in TC clothing!!!!

    ps…email- cluescher@gmail.com

  59. Pingback: Day 25: A Tour Through Crochet Country - This Is Crochet | This Is Crochet

  60. It must be Sapphire Wrap! I love pineapples & am a beginning afghan stitcher. Combining these just makes me want to work it even more.

  61. I want to try lots of stitches. The Entrelac in Tunsian really calls me. But I have some of your patterns I’ve been anxious to try too.
    Thanks for all the patterns and videos.
    Joy Ann
    Joyannerose@hotmail .com

  62. I have your book, “Tunisian cables to crochet” and I love it. I am having trouble deciding which pattern to try first! i think I’ll try the owl fingerless gloves to start.

  63. Spiralling Mitres & Hooded Riding Cape. Have your book on Tunisian Lace, have made the shoulder wrap in mohair for my GD. Your blog always inspires and challenges me.

  64. I love your stuff, but I’m really partial to the Tunisian Strip Lap Robe I saw on your Ravelry project page. I’m all for winning books, especially signed one’s.

  65. Pingback: Blogiversary and A Tour Through Crochet Country!Underground Crafter | Underground Crafter

  66. I would love to try Lucia Mitts or Geo Scarf susand1408 at gmail dot com. i’m just starting out with Tunisian Crochet and would love to learn more!

  67. I love your designs! I really want to make the hoodie vest in Tunisian crochet. I love hooded tops and this is right up my alley. I’ve done some very simple Tunisian practice projects and am ready for something a little more advanced. : )

  68. I love all the creativity you have put into these projects everyone is special and takes alot of thought. Have designed lots over the yrs with no patterns which my closet proves. Have also given away many. Would love to learn tunisian and do your Friendship Shawl & Daisies in a wheelbarrel.

  69. I never did tunesian crochet, but I saw this fabulous scarf… and I want to try it. It´s so beautiful. With the video tutorial it will be so easy! Thank you!!
    … and I wanna win your signed book Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide :)

  70. I love most of your designs! But I would like to try your Cobblestone Beanie, if I can figure out tunisian!

  71. I know that spring is here, but what a great time to start a new project for fall. I really like the Seed Stitch Ruana. That is the project I would love to do. Can’t wait to see the new book Kim!

  72. I would love to make the Seed Stitch Ruana!

  73. Paper dolls is just lovely!

  74. I truely believe you are amazing! Since I just purchased my Harmony
    Tunsian crochet hooks to add to my Laurel Hill Exotic Wood hooks. I think your book would be a great way to give them a proper test drive!

  75. Well, if I MUST choose a pattern to do next – the Limerick Scarf looks like fun to me.

  76. I’m choosing this pattern for my first non baby afghan tunisian project. Seems simple enough yet gorgeous.

  77. Hi Kim, I want to make one of everything you’ve created a pattern for. While that seems a bit of a daunting task, it will make me a very happy person. The Tunisian Mock Cable scarf is next in my queue on my to-make list. OK, that’s after the Spider Blanket CAL is finished. :-) Thanks for your special favors. Onda

  78. I love your Rosaline tunic, and have been trying to get up the courage to make it. I remember that you told me that there are lots of “helps” with the pattern and so I really should try it. I think it would look beautiful on my daughter. It certainly does on yours!

  79. I would like to try an make the Hounds Tooth baby ghan and the Brianna top.

  80. This is a really hard decision. I’m going with the your new Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf. Some day, when I get some time (and courage), I’m going to try the Seed Stitch Ruana. :-)

  81. I love the Sapphire Wrap. I don’t think my skills are up to it yet, but I’m always willing to try!
    lindame.rumsey at gmail dot com

  82. Olá Kim, sou brasileira e aprecio muito seu trabalho é muito talentosa, por aqui é muito difícil, livros sobre tunisiano, aprendi só o ponto palito (é como chamamos o ponto básico),gostaria de ganhar um projeto de crochet tunusiano. Desde já muito obrigado por compartilhar seus trabalhos, pois tem lugares deste planeta que não tem livros ou revistas sobre trabalhos tunisianos.
    joana celis

  83. Having looked through your Ravelry profile there were so many designs to choose from that I would like to make at some point in time or another.

    While I was not particularly enthused by the one and only pattern I could see from the book you are giving away. The only pattern that made enough of an impression on me to want to make it right away (though in part that could be because of the weather – we are coming into winter soon here in the Southern Hemisphere) was the Hooded Riding Cape (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/leisure-arts-5729-short-row-tunisian-fashion) it looks abslutely stunning and would suit my wife’s wardrobe perfectly matching nearly every attire combination she has :)

    The only problem would be keeping her daughter from stealing it (perhaps I’d need to make two?)

  84. I love Tunisian crochet and have made two scarves already, one as a gift for my brother and one for myself. If I had to pick a design to try, it would be the Sapphire Wrap …. or perhaps the Motif Magic Novice Wrap. OK, so I couldn’t pick just one. Sorry, but both of these designs are so lovely. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  85. Hi, Kim!
    Your work is absolutely stunning, and I had difficulty in picking only one–or even two–patterns. But I believe that “Marisol” and “Spiraling Miters” are designs I would like to try. Thank you for offering the giveaway, and for sharing your work!

  86. I hope that I am not too late to enter the contest, Kim. My family and I were on vacation during the final days of the tour and I’m just getting caught up with my reading now and I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I would really like to try Elisa. I think it is a gorgeous design and would look terrific on my daughter. :) Thank you for this opportunity!

  87. I love your peak a boo afghan. made with wool, it would be very snuggly

  88. AnySuchWouldBeAJoyToLearn

  89. I would love to try the Sapphire Wrap, since I have become fascinated by the design and want to try it.

  90. Oh my – how can I choose just one! I guess I would pick the Kenzie cowl. Although I have crocheted for many years, I have never done Tunisian crochet. This project looks like a good first project.

  91. Gosh Kim there are so many good ones to choose from. The Wearever tunic is lovely and my husband would really like me to make him that stockinette ribbed hat.

  92. Hard to choose, but I’d have to go with the Dream Shawl. (Second choice would be the Sapphire Wrap.) Lovely designs all around!

  93. I would like to try to make the child’s sweater.

  94. The Laced Cables wrap! I’ve been doing a lot more tunisian lately, but have never tried cables, and your book would help me expand my repertoire of tunisian stitches so much!

  95. The diagonal hearts crib cover looks like the perfect beginner tunisian project, so I guess I would start there. The deep forrest throw is a beautiful pattern I just may have to try as well! So many projects, so little time.

  96. I would love to make your Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf!! Thanks for the giveaway! Can’t wait to see the book, either way!

  97. I want to make the Sapphire Wrap. It looks lovely!

  98. I love the Cabled Scarf – Novice!

  99. Finishing the “Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf” and would like to make a cowl from this pattern… Took me awhile to catch on and was so grateful for the video. Don’t think I could have figured it out with the written directions alone…

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