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Online Class Schedule at Crochetville


Online Class: Design Your Own Tank Top

For years, I’ve been asked to teach online how to use Excel to design patterns. And, that time has come. I am introducing two new classes at Crochetville in an online format so that people can learn to use Excel in the same manner I do when designing. The first will be a design-your-own class and will start February 1.

I have developed a class on a do-it-yourself tank top. This will be a design class. And, you’ll be designing your own with yarn and hook of your choice.  As with any class, there *are* parameters so we can’t have you going willy-nilly, designing anything or everything. But, once you’ve designed your own top, it should give you a jumping off point to begin designing other garments.  Read more…

Online Class: Graph Class

One of the techniques for which I get the most requests for information is about crocheting from graphs. In this class, you will learn several different techniques which can be applied to graph work and you get to decide which you like best. Read more…

Online Class: Beginner Knitting

I’ve not yet had a single instance where someone didn’t learn to knit from my class. Even people who have taken live knitting classes and were unable to grasp it. Although unable to learn in a live class, people have been able to learn from my knitting class. I’m not sure exactly what it is. But, apparently teaching knitting from a crocheter’s perspective works much better than a standard knitting class for many people. Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Online Class Schedule at Crochetville

  1. will u be using videos?
    will I be able to view them and instructions after 2 weeks?
    i was taught to knit left hand-
    what is throwing? continental-which I think i was taught

    • I use videos and text for my Crochetville classes. The classes are in a forum where everyone sees the questions of others and everyone responds and interacts with each other. The videos and text are available after the class period, as long as you have saved them. Questions and interaction is only for the length of the class.

      Continental knitting is when you keep the yarn in the same hand as you would usually knit. You tension the yarn in the same manner and it’s easier for crocheters to grasp. Throwing is when you keep the yarn in the same hand as the working needle and you stop between stitches to throw the yarn around or over the needle before completing the stitch.

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