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Copyright Piracy. Again.


Because I have Google alerts established for the names of all of my books, I was immediately made aware of someone uploading a copy of one of my books to the internet. Yes, another person scanning my book and giving it away for free. Seriously, folks, I’m not a party pooper. If your only source of income was royalties on a book and you made about 70 cents on average for a book, you need the book to be sold.

I’m a single mother. I am protecting myself and my children from copyright piracy. If you can’t afford the book, I understand. I can’t afford a lot of things either, especially when people are giving away my books. There’s always the library. But, don’t take what little money I make away from my family.

This particular copyright piracy was a bit different than what I normally find. What happens is that a person uploads a file to the document storage facility. They are given a link which they share on the internet and, in this case, the person is using a blog. When someone else visits the blog, then goes to the link, they are given a survey from an advertiser hired by the document storage facility website. That advertiser then pays the website who then pays the person who has uploaded the file. Essentially, the pirate makes money from every download. Dastardly pirate! Not only giving away my book, but also making money from it!*

Just say no to copyright piracy! You may think that book authors live a life a luxury and won’t really lose any money from piracy. I am not THAT kind of book author. I make very little money in this industry. We have a very difficult time financially and have to make a lot of sacrifices. But, I do it for the love of the craft. I do it for YOU! Don’t submit to the temptation of copyright piracy. Just don’t do it.

You may think that you’re only hurting the publisher, who makes millions of dollars and it couldn’t possibly hurt them. I don’t know how much the publishers make and it really doesn’t matter to me. All that matters to me is my portion of that book sale because I have to support my family.

If you see copyright infringement, don’t hesitate to let me know. I can be contacted at kim AT crochetkim.com. I will take care of it. Thank you for your help and support!

*And, just to make a point. I make about 70 cents on each sale of my book. This website is giving an entire dollar! Not only making money from giving away an illegal copy of my book, but making more money than ME!

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

21 thoughts on “Copyright Piracy. Again.

  1. Kim, it’s such a shame that the free availability of online content seems to have resulted in many people thinking of everything as free content. Good for you for highlighting the issue – it IS important.

  2. To me if you down load something like a book or a pattern from the internet, and you know it’s not suppose to be there for free, then you really are stealing. The break down in our society really does reach far back to what you are taught while growing up and your own moral compass. Sadly, a lot of people don’t have a compass at all.

    I hope you have been able to go to the net provider of this situation and have them shut down. Maybe even get the IP address of these people and have them brought up on theft charges. I don’t think a lot people realize if you can get to the net provider, they can obtain the IP address (which really tells them the name and address of that person).

    If I see anything out here with your name on it and I know it’s not suppose to be free, trust me I will let you know.

  3. So Sorry this has happened to you. Shame on people that do that. I am honored that you and others like you share so much with people like me, that love crochet. The laws need to keep up with online thieves.

  4. I’m sorry we live in a world where theft of intellectual property is considered a “victimless” crime. I hope you are able to have the pirate brought to justice and punished. I don’t copy or share copyrighted materials and I encourage all my friends to do likewise.

  5. That’s sad. While I love getting free things, this definitely looks like theft to me. It’s one thing to believe that your “sharing” but when you actually make money from it, how can you not know that you’re stealing? I write poetry and refuse to post anything on my own blog because I know that it will get stolen. Again, it’s a sad thing. So sorry you are being affected by people who think they are anonymous and can do whatever they want on the internet. Hope you have some recourse.

  6. It’s a terrible shame that there are people who are out there doing this. I’ve experienced piracy myself and it’s also a shame there is so little that can be done about it without costing you a fortune. Good luck! I hope you get that person and they feel the consequences right where it hurts – the pocketbook!

  7. That is terrible! Shame on them!!!!

  8. AGH I am so sorry to hear about this! I know the sad fact is it will always happen, but like you pointed out there is a particularly frustrating aspect to this–LIBRARIES EXIST. They are a perfectly legal way to get access to things like craft books for free, with the added bonus of not screwing over the authors.

  9. Don’t you wish Lawyers would take these cases on a contingency basis? The music industry has made examples and continue to go after pirates who download cd’s then resell them or share them without permission! Happened to my husband’s CD – unfortunately we couldn’t afford to go after the perps! Such immorality!!!!!!!! Such a crime!

  10. Couldn’t have put it better than Sande. I, too, am sorry we live in a world where theft of intellectual property is considered a “victimless” crime. I’m glad you have a way to be alerted to piracy, but I wish it just didn’t happen at all — especially to someone like you.

  11. This is terrible. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I shouldn’t be, but I am always so stunned when I hear of what people do. May they find it in their good conscience to stop doing this.

  12. Dear Kim,

    I am so sorry that people are doing this to you. �It is wrong as well as illegal. �Thank you for publishing this so we can be aware of the scams out there. �But now I have a question. �I have Dropbox on several of my computers. �This doesn’t happen with Dropbox, does it? �I would hate to do anything to help the pirates. �Please let me know. �And thank you for all you do and have done for the craft, I love your work and the fact that you take the time to talk to individuals. �By the way, I find it�ridiculous�that you make such a meager amount on each book, is this standard for the industry?

    Thanks, �Sue � Sue Ross With God, all things are possible!

    • Thanks, Sue. Yes, I believe this royalty is pretty standard across the industry. At least it’s better than fiction authors. I believe they make 30 or 40 cents per book, if that.

      I’m sure that there are illegal copies of scanned books on Dropbox. The infringers will use any means or method to post the illegal copies and distribute them to others. Places that are usually considered perfectly innocent will also have illegal content, unbeknownst to the owner of the storage website. I’ve found illegally-scanned books on Photobucket, YahooGroups, etc. The only way that Dropbox will know about it is when someone notices and sends them a DMCA takedown notice. I use Dropbox as well. Nothing to be concerned about. Any infringement won’t affect you.

  13. Pooh on them and thank you for speaking up!

  14. What a sad state of affairs. As crafters we know just how much goes into our products. We purchase the supplies and hope we can sell the product to recoup a little back. And, we NEVER get paid for our time. We create because we love to do so. I personally love the authors that help to inspire me. I would never think to steal from them.

    This is eye-0pening for me. Thank you for putting this out there and may this be the beginning of the end of these illegal practices.

    I wish you well.

  15. Oh, no! How terribly sad! How drastically unthinkable! How horridly absurd! (…I am beginning to sound like Roald Dahl…or Willy Wonka…) Wow. And making more money than you?!
    Ugh! Pirates. PIRATES. AAAUUUGGGHH pirates go sail away. You’d rather have a chest full of golden treasure rather than some online pdf file don’t you? DON’T you? You’d probably be much richer by doing that anyways!

    Eek. I feel for you.

  16. This is so sad…I feel sorry for you and everyone else in a similar position! It is a good thing that you wrote this, however it is terrible that you have to.
    I wish you and your family well and hope that people will BUY your books!

  17. I just read this and checked out your pricing through amazon.com and I’m more than angry for you. Someone cannot afford that cost? Really? I bet they spend that in two days buying coffee. I’m sickened how everyone wants everything for free. thanks for the information, and I hope you know not all people do this. I also hope there’s a way to get thsi person and shut them down. to think they are even earning more than you of your own book. sick.

  18. A few bad apples have to spoil the whole barrel.

  19. That is just awful! I am so sorry!

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