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Cape Sleeved Cardi: Linked Double Treble


This will be my final post of the day regarding the Cape Sleeved Cardi. This is a free pattern, available from Caron yarns here. It has sparked a lot of interest and we are currently doing a crochet-along in my crochet-along group because it’s been so popular.

Unfortunately, in the past three weeks, there has been a YouTube video (which is now a series of 3 videos) and I was unaware of it (them). Yolanda has gone to a lot of work to make the entire garment on video. I respect that level of dedication and appreciate that she likes my design well enough to do something that labor intensive. However, without my knowledge of the videos, I was bombarded by emails for the last three weeks which made absolutely no sense to me. Communications were necessary, back and forth, between people who were experiencing trouble with the pattern and I couldn’t figure out why.

If I had known about these videos, I could have handled this from the very beginning. I would have known what these people were talking about and I would have been able to answer their questions much more quickly. But, instead, I have been receiving huge numbers of emails which have required enormous amounts of time. It’s kept me from my work, from my sleep and from my life.

What Yolanda has done is actually one of the beautiful things about the internet. Imagine someone doing an entire garment right before your very eyes. No more questions! But, alas, parts of her video are completely incorrect and therein lies the problems I’ve been facing.

Now that I’ve discovered what has been going on, I’ve decided to make a video about linked stitches. This video starts off with an explanation about linked stitches. Then it moves on to a demonstration of the linked double treble which is used in the Cape Sleeved Cardi. I intend to make videos of all the linked stitches in my swatch in the video, but I wanted to get this one up for you immediately.

I have also included a presentation of linked stitches at the beginning. If you prefer to jump directly to the linked double treble instruction, it is approximately at mile marker 7. Note that the actual video is in HD. If it’s too far over to the left because I couldn’t find the center this first time of using this camera, please click the YouTube link to view it there. And, the video is currently jumping all over the place. I think it’s because something has been “fixed” by YouTube. I will try to get the original back and, if I’m unsuccessful, I will upload it again. It’s all a learning experience as I try to use a different camera.

Please feel free to use Yolanda’s videos (except that it seems that the videos are not currently available as of the time of this posting which is going to make the rest of my blog post moot, but I’ll post it anyway just in case the videos come back up). Perhaps she will post them again at some point. Click here for her YouTube channel. There is a lot of useful information in the videos. But, realize that the yarn used is not the recommended yarn and is in an entirely different weight category. Without changing the hook size and adjusting the pattern, you will end with a very bulky, stiff garment.

Also, the stitch she is demonstrating is a linked treble, not a linked double treble. You may think there isn’t that much of a difference. But, it’s the difference between a pattern saying to use a double crochet and you use a single crochet instead. That is a lot of height difference once you’ve repeated it 10 times.

And, on a more cosmetic level, the insertion points Yolanda has used for her linked treble are not the same I used for the pattern. Again, this is purely cosmetic and only affects the actual look of the linked stitch.

All of these items are in the pattern itself. Please read through your pattern. You should be able to discover the inaccuracies and fix them. The instructions in the pattern were not followed for these videos. Some things were simply made up without trying to figure it out first. Other things are spot on.

I apologize that some of you may have been working on this cardigan pattern and have suddenly run into problems which require ripping out. But, this is what happens on the internet. You should not always trust every resource available. And, YouTube is a perfect example of inaccuracies. It would be impossible for me to somehow monitor the internet so that I can find instances where people are giving bad advice on my designs and patterns. Thankfully, I have now discovered it and can respond to questions easier and quicker now.

I really think this is such a cute design. And, it’s really easy and quick once you get the hang of working in linked stitches. I encourage you to give it a try. Be sure to review and practice the stitch, using my video. Use Yolanda’s videos for other elements. And, feel free to join my crochet-along. There is also a wee bit of errata which you should review as well.

Please be aware that it’s possible that Caron yarns may request that the inaccurate videos be removed. There is a slight issue of a copyright violation, although it’s kind of a gray area whether or not someone can demo a free pattern without permission. But, more significantly, Caron paid for the pattern, yarn, completed garment, photography, modeling, makeup, styling, tech editor, layout and web design. All that to give you a free pattern for your use. Demo-ing an entire garment pattern owned by Caron with a competitor’s yarn would be, at minimum, a faux pas.

All in all, I feel like a mountain has been created out of a mole hill. But, hopefully this blog post will resolve all issues. This cute little design shouldn’t have ever caused these kinds of problems. But, I can only hope that now that you’ve found me, the designer and pattern writer, you can go forth and conquer this design without further issues.

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

7 thoughts on “Cape Sleeved Cardi: Linked Double Treble

  1. Well that was a great video and should have been seen before we all started this project , but everyone was so excited to be doing this CAL with the actual Designer that we got caught up in the Hype of it. I for one apologize for not listening to you and paying attention to Yolonda’s video, that’s the only Visiual I had to go by. I’m scrapping this project and coming back to it later. Thnx for the Video Kim.

    • I wish I could have posted a video sooner. I was too overwhelmed by the emails coming to me that were generated from the videos that it was impossible for me to do it. And, you’re right. So many people started the crochet-along earlier than the start date. When I thought I was giving myself time by starting the CAL later, it didn’t actually work out that way. It’s now been going on for three weeks and should have only been three days. LOL I think things will calm down now. :-)

  2. Yes you have been doing a lot of extra work! You need an assistant! If I wasn’t left handed, I would step up to assist!

  3. Thank you for the great video of linked double treble stitches. When I have done linked stitches I always used the horizontal bar and I never thought to use the vertical bar. Brilliant. I will have to try your way of linking. The only problem I will have now is deciding when to do which linking technique and then decide which side of the fabric to use for the public side. I was so sorry to read about your difficulty with the incorrect interpretation of your Cape Sleeve Cardi pattern. I hope your email traffic has slowed down so you can do what you love to do most. Thank you for the wonderful books, patterns, and classes.

  4. I can’t believe i ran across this…i had been looking for a sweater pattern and found Yolandas tutorial, i didn’t watch the whole thing,but followed the link for the Caron pattern, printed it and started making it. When i got to the(bldtr) i simply typed it in the address bar and your blog came up.
    I did start using red heart with love. I already have the yarn, if I follow your pattern will the yarn really make that much of a difference, I think they feel similar in weight. This will be my first sweater, I love the way the sweater looks.

    • If you will watch Yolanda’s final video, you will hear that she comments about how stiff and bulky the sweater turns out when using an aran weight yarn. Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart With Love are aran weight. In my video, I’ve shown a sample made with aran weight and you can see how stiff it is. It stands up on its own. If you are looking to make a thick jacket and you work to gauge, it may work out for you. But, if you are wanting a soft, drapey, lightweight sweater as shown in the photo, it will not work without modifications to both the gauge and the pattern. There is a huge difference between Simple Soft Light and an aran weight yarn. You could probably hold three strands of Simple Soft Light and it would make up the size of one strand of aran weight.

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