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Tunisian Crochet, How Do I Love Thee?


Tunisian crochet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

1. Tunisian crochet is quick and easy to learn. Even someone with no crocheting experience can pick it up in as little as 15 minutes.

2. Tunisian crochet can look like crochet, knitting or even weaving; all with ONE hook!

3. Tunisian crochet can easily be made into a firm fabric for some applications or a soft, drapey fabric for elegant lace.

4. You can work flat, in-the-round and even in a join-as-you-go method.

5. You can create projects that look like knit in far less time.

6. It’s truly the best medium if you like felted projects. And, felted projects are perfect for beginners because it hides any inconsistencies in gauge.

Intrigued yet? Click on my recent blog post here to see the online classes I have available and you could be on your way to making a Tunisian crochet project right now. Today!

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

2 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet, How Do I Love Thee?

  1. I am getting frustrated with myself on learning Tunisian. Somehow I am not doing something right when I finish the row and start back. Not ending up with same number of stitches. I purchased the crochet on the double swivels from Annie’s and I like them better than the long heavier hooks. Guess it’s gonna take lots of practice!

    • It’s very easy to miss the last stitch when learning Tunisian crochet. The last stitch is a bit different than the other stitches. Try working only on just a few stitches to keep it manageable. Then work across, counting every stitch as you go so that you can learn where you are missing the stitch. Review my videos to see if there is something you’re missing as well. http://www.crochetkim.com/videos.html I’m sure you’ll get it in no time at all. :-)

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