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Playing with Swatches


Once every few months, I find it necessary to play with swatches. It’s something that has to be done in my design process for planning out new designs. I pool together lots of different yarns. Different colors. Different textures. Different hooks. And, I just play. No agenda. Just let go and create.

I had a bit of time in between deadlines so I planned a bit of swatching. I have a deadline for some writing, but I have some personal family worries right now that aren’t allowing my mind to settle enough in order to get it finished. So, I’ve been spending some time simply crocheting.

I have some gorgeous yarn I bought at Yarntopia in Katy, Texas when I was there for Drew’s book signing. The yarn is JoJoLand Melody. So beautiful. So soft. Blocks out beautifully. Alas, it turned out to be very difficult to use when making Tunisian cables. Maybe too soft? While I love the way it looks, I’ve decided to use this yarn later for something else equally scrumptious. And, I’ll try this swatch with a different yarn.

You may recognize this stitch pattern as the well-loved hugs and kisses cable from hand-knitting. This is the Tunisian crochet version of it.

Next up is this swatch made of Louisa Harding Mulbery. Talk about luxury! 100% silk. Blocks out like an absolute dream. I bought 10 balls of this yarn and quickly turned it into a project. Because when you’ve got a swatch like this, you simply *must* make something immediately. The project is finished and blocking now. I hope to get some photos of it in a few days, if it works out. I’m trying out an entirely new construction technique. (New to me, that is.) And, I’m not yet 100% certain that it’s going to work. I should know in a couple of days. But, according to my in-house design-barometer, my daughter Brianna, the design is going to be a big hit.

And, although this swatch looks like the typical drop stitch in hand-knit, it’s actually regular crochet. Simple stitches, with a regular crochet hook. More to follow as soon as I get all the technical details ready.

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

8 thoughts on “Playing with Swatches

  1. kim,
    the pink zigzag is a winner! can’t wait to get the details on that stitch pattern.

    jd in st louis

  2. I love playing with swatches too.

  3. They’re both amazing! Will they both be turned into patterns? I have an XO cable project in my queue (and I even have the yarn!) but haven’t started it because I really don’t want to knit it. I’d LOVE to do it with Tunisian, though!

    • The pink one will hopefully be a pattern very soon. I’ve already completed the project. It may take me a bit longer with the cable project since I only have a few more days of playing before I have to jump back on the to-do list.

  4. I just love the pink zig zag! gorgeous!

  5. Love ur swatches. Especially the pink one. Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Ohh booboo, I’ve not pre-ordered cable tunisian book, I don’t even think it’s finished yet is it? I’ve pr-ordered a different book, the beginning one…sorry for my oopsy..
    Marilyn in North Bend, OR

    • The Tunisian Cables book should be available in August. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet is the one that has just been released this month.

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