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Video: Short Single Crochet


The short single crochet is a regular single crochet with one difference: where you place your hook to pull up your first loop.

I have used the short single crochet (ssc) in several designs, but most recently in the following.

Luna Sweater from the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet.

Mens Mock Cable Sweater from Fiber Gathering.


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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

20 thoughts on “Video: Short Single Crochet

  1. Nice video!!

    Looks like Camel Crochet.

    • From what I understand, Camel Crochet is working into that same horizontal bar when making stitches. However, I have used the UK term for the stitch. Good catch!

  2. that’s really interesting – I came to google after seeing a facebook ad to buy the instructions – I knew it’d be out there for free somewhere! Thank you :-)

    • Yes, I’ve seen that Facebook ad as well. For those not on Facebook, it appears that someone has purchased distribution rights to the original Camel Crochet books and they can now be found and purchased at http://www.camelcrochet.com. While this is indeed one of the stitches used in the books, I have never actually seen the books and there may be different stitches, as well as the patterns which were designed by Naka Pillman, which I’ve not seen.

  3. Thanks so much for the clear instructions. This looks like a fun new stitch.

  4. Thank you very much! I also saw the Facebook ad and thought there might be free instructions on the web.

  5. Ditto – I hate paying for something that I can get free!

  6. I’m curious about this stitch, and I’m going to make a swatch as I often do with new (to me) stitches. One thing I want to ask though: is there any special way to end a row and begin the next, or is it the same as wth single stitch (just chain 1 and turn)?

    • This is a regular “chain 1 and turn stitch”. My personal preference, though, when working any stitch that goes under only one loop is to work the last stitch of every row under 2 loops. It will change the appearance slightly, but the work tends to be pretty loose on the edges if I use only one loop for the last stitch.

      I’ve never made a project with only this stitch. I use it in a combination of different stitches. So, I’m not sure exactly how it will work with an all-over repeat. But, I’m sure you will find success with the last stitch help above. I do this with front loop only single crochet, back loop only single crochet, etc. Anything that has you stitch into only one loop across.

  7. FINALLY ! a video which is clear with instructions ! thanks you very much.

  8. I did a swatch and liked how it looked. So, for my first piece using this stitch, I am crocheting a winter neck scarf. It does look like it is being knitted the way the rows are laid out. After this project, will try using it along with other stitches on some other project. Very glad to find this blog. thank you.

  9. could someone give me the website where I could get a good video of how to do this stitch design?

  10. Hi,
    how would you increase or decrease with this stitch?

    • You can treat the wrapped single crochet as any other single crochet and increase or decrease in the same manner you would normally.

  11. I’ve been crocheting for at least 35-40 years (mostly afghans) and had never heard of the short single crochet. I spent 4 hours last night trying to figure out what the directions were saying and could not figure it out. I just watched your video and it made everything SO easy. Thank you so much for having this information where it was easy to find!!! Very much appreciated!!!!

  12. I just went back to look at the pattern information. It’s in a new magazine Crochet 1-2-3. The pattern is ‘Goin’ in Circles’ and it was designed by Kim Guzman…. Love the pattern and now I will actually be able to complete this (and probably make a bunch more…) Thank you soooo much!!!! (Beautiful pattern!!!)

    • Thank you Cynde! :-) I am glad you were able to find my blog and find the video I did for the short single crochet. I designed the project for the magazine and, although this video is for the short single crochet, you may want to be aware of the videos I’ve done specifically for the magazine as well. This short single crochet is for working in rows. The short single crochet I did specifically for the project is on the Crochet 1-2-3 website. It will show you the short single crochet when working in rounds. You may want to also look there for this and more videos I am preparing. http://www.crochet1-2-3.com

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