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Crochet Along: Sweetheart Ripple Afghan


Edited to add: If you are looking for this pattern, it has recently been re-released in a new book from Annie’s Attic called “Reversible Ripples”. It is available with the other afghan patterns I designed to accompany it. It can be found here.

Are you working on the Sweetheart Ripple Afghan? If so, you might want to check out the crochet-along at Crochetville for little tips and instructions I’ve left to help out with it.

And, let’s see if this works. My older son, Derek, has taken a video of me demonstrating the special stitch I created for this afghan. It is a modified front post treble crochet.

ETA: The Sweetheart Ripple is now also available in a book with the other afghan designs I made to go with it. Go to the Annie’s Attic site here to see my new book called “Reversible Ripple Afghans”.

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Author: crochetkim

Artist: Crochet and Knit Pattern Designer

37 thoughts on “Crochet Along: Sweetheart Ripple Afghan

  1. Awesome! The video makes it even easier to understand what to do, thanks Kim.

  2. Oh, what a relief, thanks for showing the video. I have being tried to found somebody or on crochet program. I have already make the first one in March but I made two mistaked on the afghan & I give this one the sweetheart afghan to a mother that have 6 children. Janice hug me 4 or 5 times. I went back on it to notice that I missed the sc with the fptr & at both end of the afghan, I used two fptr, not one. This time I’m going to do it right, thanks again for showing me how to do the sc with the fptr. I’m waiting for a lady to show me how to sew the leafs on the afghan (sorry, I don’t know how to spell that word that start with the a_________.). I have to look at the pattern to see how many leafs I have to sew on it. Its not a crosstitch, its the other word. Now I know how to do the fptr-sc, thanks to you.
    Best to you,

    • By the way, I forgot to say that I make the sweetheart afghan wider just to be wrap around.
      Take care,

  3. Querida Kim, me encantó el punto de la manta de corazones !!!!! lo malo es que el video es demasiado corto, y no entiendo, te agradeceria de corazón si me pudieras explicar con mas detalle la manera de hacer esa hermosura de punto… gracias.

    • Thank you, Claudia. I’m glad you like it. :-) Unfortunately, I can only show how to do the stitch itself. I cannot show exact placement of it in the afghan. Showing placement would be too much information and would be against copyright. There are lots of tips on the Crochetville crochet-along page to help out, if you’d like to read through some of the forum messages I’ve posted there. Hope that helps!

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  5. this pattern is so neat can’t wait to try it. thanks.

  6. i want this pattern soooooo bnad bhow can i get it

  7. do you know that Caron is posting this as a free pattern?

    • I haven’t been able to see that it’s being offered as a free pattern. I’m just seeing that they mentioned the afghan in their newsletter and linked to my blog and I love that Vickie chose my afghan to mention in her segment. But, if you have seen something I haven’t found, please let me know. Thanks much! :-)

  8. If I wanted to make my next sweetheart ripple a little longer, could you tell me how to adjust the stitches? By groups of what would I need it to be lenghtened? I love the throw, but would love to make one big enough for my queen size bed!
    Thanks for the video also, that helped ease my confusion!

    • To increase the width of the afghan, you can increase or decrease in multiples of 13. Just add or subtract 13, 26, 39, etc. from the starting chain.

  9. After seeing the Caron newsletter this week, I ordered the digital download of the book with the Sweetheart Ripple. I’m not a very experienced crocheter, but I think there might be a misprint in row 5. Tiptoeing around copyright issues here, but after the “sk next 2 st on working row” in the dip between the ripples, shouldn’t there be a couple of sc before doing the next fptr-sc? That seems to be the only way it will work. Love ALL the patterns in the book, BTW! Very clever designs, and I love that you got rid of that bump in the back of the post stitch.

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you like them. :-) I’ve double-checked my PDF download and my original pattern. This portion is correct. There are two of the fptr-sc, skipping of stitches, and two more fptr-sc. There are no stitches made between them in the dip of the ripple. Hope that helps!

      • Yes, thanks, it did. I think I was having placement issues with the post stitches, and after studying the photos in the download and on Ravelry, I think I finally figured it out. Thanks again.

  10. I just love this Sweetheart Ripple Afghan. The video was very helpful. I would like to know when you increase (width and length), how do you know how much more yarn you will need for each color? Is there a simple way to figure it out? Thanks.

    • You can really only get an approximate amount. For instance, if you want to make the afghan 40% larger, you would need 40% more yarn, assuming that you are spot on with the gauge so that you are using exactly the same amount as the original.

  11. Kim, I love the reversible afghan concept. I bought your Ripple Afghan booklet. I really appreciate the video on how to make the fptr – sc stitch. Not sure I could have figured it out otherwise! I am currently trying to make the Bahama Twilight Ripple pattern altho in different colors. I have two questions.1) does the closure stitch for the fptr-sc stitch in the working row count as the first sc in a group of 3 sc?
    2) In the fptr-sc stitch around the 2nd sc of a 3-sc group, I am not clear how to stitch the “sc in same sc as previous 2 sc on working row”? I would appreciate your help! Love these patterns. I figure this first attempt will be a big learning curve!! Thank you, Sue B.

    • I’m getting to this rather late because I was finishing up a book with a really tight deadline. I finished and emailed it this morning. Whew! Please let me know if you still need me to respond. It’s been so long that you may have worked it out already. Just let me know. :-)

  12. In the email I received it stated Free Crochet Patterns. When I pulled up the Sweetheart ripple afghan, it was not free. Did I misunderstand? How to I print it?

    • The email you received from Caron includes their weekly free patterns, just like in any other week. In addition, Vickie Howell also writes a column for the weekly mailing. In that particular week, Vickie chose to write about the Sweetheart Ripple Afghan and included photos of projects people had made from the pattern. The pattern isn’t free and she doesn’t indicate that it’s free. She is just writing about it because of its popularity, because of Valentine’s Day and because I made the original with Caron Simply Soft.

  13. Kim, Thank you for responding. I did indeed figure the pattern out and am loving the pattern.
    Sue B.

  14. How did you get started designing? Do you draw your ideas or graph them later? Or do you just start to create them by knitting and crocheting? I would love to know. I would also love to know how you got started publishing. I have quite a few creations of my own, but I have only submitted one to 2 magazines. I think I need to start doing more. However, I would love to know how you got your first break.

    • Michelle, when I first saw your question, I felt that it would be perfect for a blog entry instead of a reply. Please bear with me as I finish this book, then I promise I will write more. :-)

  15. I need help in understanding the stitch used in the Vanilla Cream Ripple afghan. I understand how to do the front post treble crochet cluster-single crochet but confused about how to count 4 rows down. Do you count the working row as #1? My stitches do not seem to “hook” into the cluster stitch below as shown in the photo of the afghan. Help!
    Sue Baker

  16. I want to make a ripple afghan crochet about 40 legnth and 60 wide. plain colored yarn. And I want the dip to skip 2 sts. and there is a small hole for my guide as i go along. I did a few of these sometime ago, but forgot how to start it. Once a get a couple of rows done. I should be good. Please let me know. Thanks. Mary Hughes

  17. I’m having a really really hard time with the sweetheart ripple afghan. I’ve been crocheting for over 45 years and I still can’t figure this pattern out.

    • Don’t worry. This is a pretty challenging pattern, but once you get it, everything works out fine. I have lots of resources available on the internet to assist with learning how to make this afghan. Please let me know where you’re having a problem so I’ll be able to try to help you.

      And, it would also be helpful if you let me know whether you have the magazine or the leaflet pattern. There are slight differences between the two.

  18. I forgot to mention that I’m left handed

  19. I have a quick question regarding this pattern? When it says fpt-tr sc 2 rows below twice does that mean you do it in the same stitch or next to each other? thanks Jackie

  20. This is GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous. I’m expecting a little girl right now, and just may have to make this afghan in a smaller size for her! I love it!

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